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Zoom....The Sound of a Year Passing Without a Post

I wish I could say that I've been traveling the world. Oh wait, I can say that...sort of. I went to England and Scotland over the summer. Managed to squeeze the trip in between all the lovely Covid outbreaks. Caught up with family and friends, while getting new inspiration for more stories.

The history of those places soak into your pores until you're brimming with ideas. More to come on that front soon. For reals this time.

Almost forgot to mention that I have finished the BOO anthology. It has a different cover than the one currently on the website. I'm working my way through the edits, which have turned out to be more work than I'd expected, but it will pay off in the end. Promise. ;) Expect the new cover soon.

Have a Happy Holiday. Try to stay safe. Talk to you in the New Year!

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