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Wiley Writer Wednesdays

The premise of this entry is a call from your bank. It's more adult than young adult, but the dream is the same.

"Mrs. Thompson, this is Fargo Stream Bank. Could you come to your local branch at your earliest convenience? We'd like to discuss your account."

Sue listened to the message once more and sighed. Someone had nicked her card number twice in the last two months, this had better not be number three. The last time the thieves had managed to take out a couple of hundred dollars. It must be way more than that, if the bank wanted her to come in and deal with it. She thought about her mortgage payment and groaned. Had it had time to clear?

Once glance at the time told her that she might be able to squeeze in a visit to the bank between lunch and her dentist appointment. Sue caught her admin assistant's attention. "I'm going to have to leave early," she said. "If my two o'clock arrives before scheduled, please keep him occupied."

"Yes, ma'am," Karl said.

Sue gathered her purse, shoving her phone inside, and hurried out of the building to her car. She hoped the bank would be able to give her a temporary ATM card to use until her new one arrived. It would be a pain in the butt if the didn't.

She drove to the bank, grateful that traffic had been on her side. Sue parked in the bank's assigned parking area, then rushed inside. If this didn't take too long, she just might be able to squeeze in a meal before her dentist appointment and get back in time for her meeting.

She strode up to the line and waited for the next available teller, then noticed some banking associates seated at nearby desks. "Excuse me. My name is Sue Thompson. The bank phoned, saying there was an issue with my account. Could you please help me?"

The associate nodded and typed her name into the computer. His eyes widened and he nearly toppled out of his chair in his attempt to stand quickly. "This way, Ms. Thompson." He led her to a private office.

Sue had never been taken to a private office before. She liked it.

"Please take a seat," he said. "Can I get you any coffee?"

"No," she said slowly. The bank had really upped their customer service. "I'm fine."

He sat behind the desk and met her questioning gaze. "We phoned to discuss because we'd like to discuss investment possibilities."

She only had a couple of thousand dollars in her account. Not nearly enough to invest with. "I'm afraid I don't understand. This isn't about a stolen ATM card?"

His brow furrowed. "No, this is about investing your billion."

"My billion what?" she asked utterly baffled by his response.

"Dollars, of course," he said.

"I don't have a billion dollars," she said. "I'm afraid you've confused me with someone else."

"You are Susan Thompson at 4373 E Vine Ave, Barker City, correct?"

"Yes," she said.

"Then I do have the right person." His fingers flew over the keys of the computer on the desk. When he finished typing, he turned the screen toward her. On it was her name, several recent charges that she recognized instantly, and a...1.5 billion dollar bank balance.

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