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Wiley Writer Wednesday

I got this idea from a prompt I read. It's just a fun short that will make you wonder what's going to happen next.

Wayne was drawn into his back garden by a strange humming. At first, he'd thought an intruder had gotten into his yard. Why they were humming, he had no idea, but he'd been determined to run them out. It was only when he got closer to the noise that he realized the sound wasn't human at all. Wayne had once turned his speakers up until the bass distorted. The hum reminded him of that time.

He rounded the high hedge at the back of the garden, passing the squatting gnomes, an empty bird feeder, and a copse of flowers he'd planted for the butterflies and the bees. As he cleared the hedge, Wayne stopped short.

Hovering three feet off the ground and ten feet from where he stood was a sphere. The hum that had drawn him outside in the first place emanated from the metal ball as lightning struck it from all sides.

Wayne glanced at the sky. Stars twinkled and the ripening moon shone brightly. He squinted, but there wasn't a cloud in sight. Which begged the question, where was the lightning coming from?

He took a cautious step closer, wanting to get a better look at the object. In the dark, he'd thought it was grey like certain kinds of steel, but upon closer inspection, Wayne could see a faint blue hue. Was it some kind of government experiment? A spying apparatus? Or had it come... His gaze drifted skyward.

"Don't be ridiculous," Wayne muttered under his breath. There was no such things as aliens.

The hum grew louder, drawing his attention away from his nonsensical thoughts. Then something else occurred to him. What if the sphere was a bomb? Wayne's eyes widened and he took a step back. He glanced over his shoulder at his house in the distance. This thing was big enough to take out his house and possibly the entire village. Maybe even the village down the road.

Wayne pulled out his cellphone. He needed to call for help, but who should he phone? The police weren't equipped to deal with something like this. He should call the military. How do you phone the military? He was about to Google it, when the humming suddenly stopped. The lightning crackled one last time, then quit. Silence filled the vacuum and somehow it was even more terrifying.

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