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Manic Mondays

I've decided to embrace my inconsistencies. I will post as often as I can, until the next time enjoy my version of boredom. This is what happens when you throw dry ice into your pool's fountain. ideas for Halloween.

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To say I took a hiatus is an understatement. What a year, eh? Crazycakes, crazycakes, crazycakes. I hope you all are doing well, staying safe and healthy. My year/s/decades/who knows how long it's rea

Friday Squawks

Shhh...don't look at the calendar. It's really Friday. Pinky swear. Sigh. Okay, I'm busted. It's actually Saturday. To be fair, I've had a VERY busy week. I decided to take a free class on how to crea

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The premise of this entry is a call from your bank. It's more adult than young adult, but the dream is the same. "Mrs. Thompson, this is Fargo Stream Bank. Could you come to your local branch at your