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Friday Squawks

Shhh...don't look at the calendar. It's really Friday. Pinky swear. Sigh. Okay, I'm busted. It's actually Saturday. To be fair, I've had a VERY busy week. I decided to take a free class on how to create Amazon Ads. Now, I've taken a class like that in the past and it was good, but it overwhelmed me. There's only so much room up there with the stories that reside in my head. Seriously. We're talking a spoon's worth. So between that and doing my daily writing, language class, and this course, I've been mentally swamped. Totally worth it, but swamped.

It does make me wonder though how many people are studying something new. YouTube is a buffet of educational options. Then there's Masterclass. It cost money, but worth it if it covers any of the subjects you'd like to learn. I've taken a lot of the writing courses and had many 'Aha!' moments.

Anyway, hope you're staying safe. Learning something you've always wanted to learn. And being kind. Until next time. Fat Bird Out.


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