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Friday Squawks

When is something enough? I'm not sure this is going to make sense, but I hope so.

Some friends and I have been talking about creativity in this time of uncertainty. The conversations have ranged from not being able to create anything to no longer having interest in the ongoing work. There's been a lot of beating ourselves up over not doing 'enough'. But that's just plain silly.

When life gets odd, just making progress at all is a huge accomplishment. Doing something is enough. You don't have to write two thousand words a day or compose a symphony. Enough can be writing two sentences or playing a single note. In this time period, we should all be playing the long game. Digging a little deeper inside ourselves, perhaps even rediscovering something you lost.

Now is the time to set your own 'enough' bar. You don't have to rise to anyone else's. You define what is enough. And that alone will truly be enough. Don't let anyone else define you in this troubling times. Enough is enough.

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