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Fridays will be a time where I discuss things that have been on my mind or shows I've seen. Since I'm just getting this blog set up, I'm going to grab an easy topic. This week it will be about Picard, the new Star Trek TV series.

Now I'm the first to admit that I've always been a Star Trek fan. I haven't faithfully watched every series, but I have watched a lot of them and seen every movie. I like how they've approached the storytelling in the new Picard series. They could've had him be Captain Picard, but instead, the character is no longer with Starfleet and he's spending his days on his vineyard in the south of France pretty much waiting to die. Not exactly what you expect from Picard, which is why it's such an interesting story approach. The writers destroy expectations, then rebuild the world into the shape they want to create.

Now I admit, I am waiting for the borg because you know it's coming. I have theories about things like ***Spoiler***

what's really going on in Picard's head that I think tie into the borg

***Spoiler end***

But we'll have to see if my speculations are correct. Either way, I'm excited about the direction this new show is taking the viewer and look forward to more episodes in the future. Patrick Stewart is in fine form.

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